About Us

The company was founded in 1994 and was aimed at preparing and implementing international investment Projects financed from the budget of IFIs. CentreConsulthas implemented a number of investment projects on Infrastructure development, Sustainable Forest Management, State Statistics System Development, Ecology,Fiscal and Financial Development, Financial Education and Financial Literacy improvement in Russian Federation as well as State-Private partnership Projects.
Since 2000 CentreConsult has been developing the provision of managerial consulting and strategic planning services. It elaborated the Development strategy for themost large-scale Oil & Gas Company in Russia and development concept for its subsidiary units, implemented a number of projects on managerial technologiesimprovement.
Since 2005 CentreConsult has been participating in Projects on exploration and development of hydrocarbon fields on the Shelf of different Russian regions both inthe South (the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov) and in the Far East and the Extreme North (the Barents Sea, the Kara Sea, the Okhotsk Sea). Thecompany elaborated development strategies of Shelf blocks for the most large-scale Russian companies, performed technical and economic calculations of Shelffields development, developed contract strategies, performed selection of Sea Drilling units of various types, provided services in project management at the Stages
of geological prospecting work, development and infrastructure development.
By now the Company has gained abundant experience in valuation of oil and gas assets, machinery construction plants, building companies etc. Furthermore,CentreConsult provides services related to maintenance, monitoring and control of construction Projects implementation, those refer to office buildings, industrialenterprises and infrastructure systems (roads, bridges, pipelines etc.).
CentreConsult has high-qualified establishment, an effective organizational structure and practical experience in preparing and implementing large-scale compound Projects.

High professionalism – we provide our customers with the most experienced Project managers and consultants, certified experts, leading engineers and technical specialists who have required knowledge, skills and records.
Mobility – we have the capability to build-up a team and mobilize personnel within very short time, and quickly reorganize that team in compliance with changeable conditions, requirements or proposed task complexes.
Flexibility – we keep a steady contact with our Customers, we have the capability to deputize for key personnel, expand or reduce consultants' activities; we can promptly involve new experts for new assignments and offer specialists competencies of various profiles and for various fields of economy.
Full Responsibility – the Company is responsible for both each individual expert's activities, and final results of the entire teamwork.
Minimized Expenditures – the result of excellently established financial scheme and project schedule for each contract supported by reasonable Company's overheads.
CentreConsult has a longstanding and successful experience in engagement of high-qualified experts of various profiles from leading design, scientific and research institutes and organizations on long-term contract conclusion basis.
All CentreConsult employees have one or several university degrees. English and Russian are considered to be Company's operative languages. Besides, we can be addressed in German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

CentreConsult Ltd. structure consists of 4 divisions, each of these divisions is managed by Department/Division Head:
FRD: Corporate Finance and Risk Management Division
SPD: Strategic Planning Division
PID: Project Preparation and Implementation Department
BVD: Business Valuation Division